My dream life!
I am so grateful to be living my dream life full of freedom and flexibility, love, abundance and joy! I have the freedom and abundance to be at home, in a beautiful bungalow with my babies during the day. I also have enough abundance that we have part time help. My only "job" in life is to be present as a mother, as a loving wife and friend, and take care of myself and my needs! I feel supported by my husband, Brian. He is happy and fulfilled in his life and career, he loves his work and also has a flexible schedule that allows him to be present with us as much as possible, and for him to do Comedy still and writing- and we work on creative, silly, fun projects together! I spend my days in a relaxed and loving way, full of ease and joy. When I'm not with my babies, I am either with friends, working on creative projects like singing, dancing or writing, and taking care of myself. I love my mornings, as I get to ease into my day after waking up in our sun filled bedroom. I spend time snuggling with B, and babies, I do some meditation, I prepare a healthy breakfast for all of us to have as a family that nourishes us, and then I move my body a bit. I will take long walks and bike rides, yoga classes and dance classes regularly. I am also competing in ballroom dance competitions regularly and I love it so much! I love that I get to dance often, it brings me such joy, and Brian fully supports (and loves) me doing this. I love that we have enough money to pursue creative passions and live a really beautiful, adventurous life. I also love to write on my blog, it is fun and fulfilling. I love that Brian can wake up and swim in our backyard before heading to work or meetings. I also love that we are "Bi-Coastal" and we get to NYC at least 4 x a year. we also travel as much as possible to Europe, Hawaii, Japan and other interesting cultures. I love that we immerse ourselves in other cultures often. I am absolutely in love with my life, and I feel completely fulfilled and full of joy and love. I am so grateful that I am living my dream life!

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February 01, 2018


Love it!!! Holding this with you!