I am so Grateful to have my dream job!!

I finally have a career that I LOVE and I am so grateful! I have a really cool job that I love that fills me with joy and purpose, brings me piles and piles of money - more money than I dreamed of having. My daily work fills me with purpose, ease, joy and love. I feel connected to my higher self. It feels like play, I have fun and I laugh everyday! I feel so rich. My job allows me freedom and flexibility I have the ability to work remotely when I want and unlimited vacation! I am so grateful for this! My company matched my 401K! I have so much flexibility, I can do my job from NYC or LA alike, and they are more than supportive of that. My job also allows me time and energy for my creative endeavors. We have a really cool office space that i can work from if I want to, or I can work remotely when I choose and this pleases me. The people I work with are kind, smart, driven and respectful of me and my time. I feel supported by them and I genuinely like the people at my job. It is a great set up for when I have kids too. It truly is my dream job and I am so grateful to be working with such smart, amazing people and earning over $300k a year! Thank you uni!!

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December 01, 2017


Love this and holding this vision with and for you! xo