To own my dream home, by becoming a number 1 songwriter and artist and millionaire
My song that is about to come out becomes a number one single in 50 + countries, bringing me infinite wealth and notoriety which leads to bigger and better sessions and more opportunities for my music to be known world wide. I am able to purchase my dream home in LA ( 4 bed with walk in closets, 3 bath, spanish style, beautiful, open floor plan with gorgeous tiling, and hardwood floors. State of the art kitchen, views of the silver lake hills, central air and heating which can be different in every room. The garden gets the perfect amount of sunlight and is a relaxation paradise. There is a heated saltwater pool with gorgeous tiling. It is in perfect condition and feels full of love and safety. It is the perfect price in a neighborhood i love) and in Portland (4 bed 3 bath craftsman with wraparound porch, beautiful, well maintained interior- open floor plan with state of the art kitchen and a studio for music making. There is a hot tub and sauna, both indoors and out, everything is state of the art, beautiful and in my and my partners perfect style. There is a wonderful fire place! And a big yard with deck perfect for entertaining ) I am able to buy both homes with cash. They are both the perfect price and in the perfect neighborhoods. They are both furnished and decorated impeccably


Support for this Vision

February 08, 2017


I'm holding this vision for you! This will happen!

September 27, 2016


Beautiful! Holding this and seeing it as done!

September 08, 2016


And so it is!!