For HYV to be successful in helping people’s visions come true and to expand love in our world!

For Holding Your Vision to be a new way that people connect with each other and give our busy lives a simple way to put spiritual principles into practice. For people to feel a part of each other, supported, that anything is possible and be inspired to take action towards their dreams. That we create a movement of love in our world where we work together, for each other all in the pursuit of allowing the miracles of the Universe to take form. We want to inspire and support spirituality as a lifestyle. By providing the tools and information so that anyone in the world can tap into this community and be uplifted.

Julie-Anne's Actions

Support for Julie-Anne's Vision

May 07, 2016


Thank you Hollyrockstar and ph8nix

May 07, 2016


And so it is!

April 21, 2016


Loving this site! loving your intention behind it, and your vision for its success!

April 16, 2016


Thank you Lois, JenLicary and Petalt!!!

April 16, 2016


It appears to me you are expanding love in the world. Xx

April 04, 2016


So much positive energy and love!