To Find A Vision

I wish to have a vision.

A Vision that will excite me, with clear direction, have deep meaning, be large, a Vision so amazing it will knock me off my seat.                     This Vision needs to cover everybase. 

A vision that is risk free, safe, painless. A vision with a guarantee.

The perfectly imperfect vision. This vision has to have it all of course.

I want a Vision that's like a mystical food that tastes fantastic, easy to grow or prepare, has zero calories, no windy side effects, is benificial to your health and makes you look and feel fabulous!

Lois's Actions

Support for Lois's Vision

May 24, 2016


Checking in on how you are doing?

April 16, 2016


It's scarey.

March 26, 2016


And so it is Lois!!!

March 02, 2016


Using the universe box and loving it.