Congratulations MeVaMejor on fulfilling this vision!



To honor my gifts and be a vessel

To produce, perform, promote and direct The Illusory Impressions Project. An Event with modern dance and my musical compositions. To compose, direct, write, perform, promote and stretch my comfortability in order to grow as an artist/composer. I envision this to be successful in several ways. Critically, monetarily, emotionally, & popularity. I see this helping to catapult my career further in the direction of continuing to be a creative director, composer and visionary. I want to see this at the first step in a long and fulfilling career. Something that inspires me to create a very balanced life and loving life. I see myself making sure I keep in mind that all that comes through me is from God and I am just the vessel making it happen, which helps me keep the Ego away and God in!

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June 28, 2016


Wohoooo Congratulations! xo

May 24, 2016


Checking on how you are doing Mevamejor?

January 20, 2016


YES!! You got this, mama! I feel this as already done and then some!!

December 23, 2015


Beautiful artistic vision being held, from one creator to another. And so it is.