To be a role model for positive body image
As a mom of two children I sometimes feel like a walking cliché: "tired, frazzled, wearing yoga pants, overweight, dragging one kid and struggling to carry the other while desperately chugging a no longer hot mug of coffee.” However, I am happy to say I’m very real about all the aspects that come with being a cliché mom. I’m authentic about the struggles of parenthood. I am authentic when I say we need to love ourselves wherever we are in our lives and that beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes. And while I wish for a world where my daughter, Emma will know she is beautiful regardless of the society norm; and I wish for a future where my son Jackson likes to be active and finds fun ways to be healthy instead of having to drag himself to a gym…but I’m not authentic about being a role model for this way of thinking. I’m not real about my own health or the seriousness of tipping the scales on an already petite 5’5” frame. I’m not real about the fact that having a mom who has complained about being overweight her entire life has truly affected what I think about myself and others. I’m not real about the little voice that spitefully curses the too skinny mom or the sad grimace I make when I see my bulging stomach. And while I can talk the talk, I haven’t walked the walk. Instead I have deluded myself for over 4 years that the mommy weight just goes along with the territory and one day I will be able to focus on myself again and it will all be ok. But the truth is I can’t wait any longer because my cholesterol, my energy, my mental state, my immune system and more are all in need of me taking action now. I want to let go of old body image issues, I want to be a bright light for people to love themselves in every aspect of their lives. I want to truly realize the importance of making my wellness a priority. I want to start with walking by myself. I love walking, I have a treadmill, and I know logically that the simple act of making this a priority would make a difference in my life. I also want to notice beauty over ugliness in my life and find joy on a regular basis and thus become a positive role model for my family. I would love to have you hold for me in this uncharted territory of my new happier life.

Kimba's Actions

Support for Kimba's Vision

January 20, 2016


You are a beacon of beauty, inside and out, and I see you easily and joyfully shining that light for yourself and all around you right now!

December 23, 2015


I see you living an active, healthy and fulfilled life. And so it is!