Your tools remove the blocks to allowing your visions to manifest.
* All your work here is completely private and for your eyes only *

  • forgiveness

    Positive Affirmations

    What you think and believe creates your life.
    So let's remove your negative thoughts, beliefs and fears.
    And replace them with Positive Affirmations to allow yourself to receive your visions.

    Be Positive Now
  • forgiveness


    Lack of Forgiveness of yourself and others is the number one block to manifesting your dreams.

    So let's heal this now!

    Forgive Now
  • forgiveness

    Universe Box

    A tangible way to give your worries and fears over to the loving care of The Universe.

    Let it GO and Let The Universe take care of everything!

    Turn It Over Now
  • forgiveness

    Gratitude List

    The energy of gratitude is one of the most powerful ways to manifest your visions.
    When in gratitude you are focusing on your abundance and are vibrating positive energy which then attracts even more things to be positive about to you!

    Give Thanks Now