To expand love in our world by inspiring and re-connecting people to themselves, each other and the Universe.

As a positive community we strive to empower individuals to reclaim their lives, co-create their dreams and positively affect those around them by putting spiritual principles into action.

Uniting our energy, we aim to have a positive, life-changing impact both locally and globally. When challenges come up or tragedy strikes, we unite through Holding Your Vision.  We overcome feelings of helplessness and use our positive energy to heal the situation. This coming together of energy can and will positively affect our world.

The separateness and helplessness many of us have felt is about to change. By moving from self-interest to an inclusive mentality: shifting our focus from getting to giving. We can return to our purpose, to our true selves and to one another. Collectively reclaiming the LOVE within each of us resulting in our world reflecting this love back to us.

Please join us in saying a goodbye to I, YOU and ME and a BIG hello to WE!