"No person can fail if some one person sees them as successful. Such is the power of the vision, and many a great person owed their success to a partner, family member or a friend who 'believed in them' and held without wavering to the perfect pattern!
This is what one person can do for another."
-  "The Game of Life and How To Play It" By Florence Scovel Shinn  -

We are Inspired by "The Game Of Life And How To Play It" by Florence Scovel Shinn.  Simply put her philosophy teaches that we can have all that we desire, we just have to ask for it and prepare for it in the absolute belief that what we want is already ours.

Holding Your Vision works because we are all energy, all connected, all one and because we invite you to be open to what The Universe wants to express through you instead of just what you want.

We believe in the power of numbers and that the more positive vibration we put onto an inspired vision regardless of who it is coming from the more quickly that vision can manifest.

Life is big, beautiful and busy so we have done our best to provide a streamlined way to put Spiritual Principles into Action, create your Dreams and keep all of your Spiritual work right at your fingertips accessible anywhere, anytime!

Our dream is for Holding Your Vision to fulfill each individual member’s inspired visions and create a community that is permeating positive energy into our world.
Joining forces to reclaim our self love, self worth and our dreams doing together what we cannot do alone!

Describe Your Vision

Invite The Universe to inspire your visions!


We invite you to ask what The Universe wants to express through you instead of just what you want to achieve.  It is usually a flash of an idea that makes your heart sing, that feels amazing and is usually shortly followed by a “That will never happen.”

We suggest this as reliance on The Universe and its will for you is what ultimately brings your greatest joy and fulfillment.  Guided by self will alone, you can play small, want to figure it all out and let fear guide what you think is possible. 

The Universe only wants you to be happy and never inspires you with an idea without pointing the way to make it happen.  Asking for only what is yours by Divine Right and acting on your intuition instead of just pushing your own agenda is key to creating your visions.

The sharing of your visions provides you with accountability and support which results in being much more motivated and committed to believing in yourself and to doing the work it takes to manifest your dreams.

Take One Action Daily

Spiritual alignment and removing resistance is key!


We believe an inspired dream already exists on the spiritual plane and your work is to affirm it and allow it to take form in the physical world. We think the conduits to this are believing, aligning with feeling good and taking action daily.

We invite you to take just ONE action a day from the 10 on our Daily Actions page to keep you moving forward with your vision, connected and spiritually fit. This alignment of your actions, thoughts and beliefs allows you to receive your visions.

We also have 4 tools that you can use privately to help you move through your doubts, fears and negativity. By restoring self love, positivity and faith, you remove the blocks of resistance to achieving your dreams.

Hold Other’s Visions and Manifest Your Dreams!

Give support and energetically help fellow members and your own visions to manifest.


We believe that we are all connected and that everything is energy.  The more positive vibration placed on your vision, regardless of who it is coming from, the more quickly that vision will manifest.

When holding your own visions, doubt and fear can come into your mind. You often stop believing and give up. When someone else holds your vision with you, they do not have the same doubts and fears so they can believe for you often more than you can for yourself. This is how we work together, by believing in each other and seeing each other’s visions as having already come true.

The vision you are holding is already done on the Universal plane and you can help bring it to fruition with these 3 steps.

  • We Believe in our fellow member, seeing them as whole, complete and pure love.
  • We Affirm their vision as fulfilled, clearly picturing and feeling them already living it or something better.
  • We give Thanks to the Universe for directing their vision and for it unfolding so quickly under grace and in the perfect way. 

* Throughout our site we have chosen to use the word Universe to describe God, Spirit, Creator, Source, The Divine, Infinite Intelligence, Higher Power and our Highest Self that connects us all. *