Who Are We Not To Love Ourselves?

We are born, we are these tiny little babies, we are excited to be here. We have no question of are we enough, “Am I a cute enough baby?” or “Are my thighs too chubby?” or “Do I eat too much?” No, we are just thrilled to be here. Then we start to forget who we are...where we came from...how we got here. We start to criticize ourselves, take other’s negativity as true and internalize their “helpful comments of how we could change” as fact.

We invite you today to remember who you really are, this gorgeous, delightful spirit that chose to be here. That wants to embrace joy and live fully. That knows deep down that they are enough, they are an extension of The Universe and that they are the epitome of Love. That knows self love is not egotistical and that the opposite is actually true…”Who are we to think we are not lovable?”

In the allowing of our vision. we believe self-love and self-acceptance are the magic keys that unlock the door to receiving all that The Universe wishes to give us. Without it we resist our visions from manifesting.  It is the be all answer to everything for everyone. And yes we think it absolutely will shift the energy in our world more to love.

Let’s make the decision today to treat ourselves with kindness and be supportive to ourselves today.  You know, in baby steps ways....

With Love

Holding Your Vision