Want to know the quickest way to make any change in your life?

We all have things in our life and about ourselves that we would like to change.

Whether it is to lose weight, allow more abundance, re-invigorate our relationship or just have more patience with our family -(especially being school holidays!)

These are all wonderful things and most often we start off our day saying, “This time I am going to do it differently” proclaiming, “I will have more patience and be more loving today!”

Usually what then happens is situations arise that seem to need more love and patience than any other day.  

And most often we end up having less love and patience than we normally do and we end up feeling even worse about ourselves.

What I am suggesting is to love and accept you and how things are right where you are at.

Yes at the weight you are at, with the relationship you are in or the financial means you have right now.

It seems counter intuitive.  Like, "If I do this then things will really never change and it will really really just stay the same!"

However, if we embrace and accept what is - which feels like giving up- then and only then can change take place as the resistance has been removed. .

It allows the space to let The Universe in and for us to be able to receive!

Give it a try today...you will not only feel better and more peace by accepting what is but you will start to set the change you do want in motion.


With Love