Guess What The Biggest Obstacle To Your Dream Is?

I was fortunate enough to come across an awesome documentary on Netflix called “Batkid Begins -The Wish Heard Around The World.”   It is about the The Make-A-Wish Foundation and the city of San Francisco joining forces to grant five-year-old Miles Scott’s wish to become Batman for a day.  

It is completely uplifting and yes tear jerking! My take away is that it is those that help other’s dreams come true that get to feel really good. It is the  act of service and getting behind what someone else believes in that is so fulfilling and inspiring.  

I believe people are innately good and want to be a part of things that are good and giving. So you going after your dreams not only fills you up, it  inspires
and helps others also.

Make-A-Wish coordinator Patricia Wilson, the head dreamer of this operation, is not attached to the exact result of what it this day is supposed to look like. She really does not know HOW it is all going to come together. She  just keeps showing up, following her inspired ideas and doing what is in front of her. And  as word spreads, people from all over the world called her up to ask how they could help.  

So you see your dreams not only make you feel good..they make us feel good. And the biggest and only obstacle to them, is thinking that you need to know HOW it is all going to happen. As hard as it is to not give into that….we invite you to stick with your dream and believe it is possible.  Let go of the result and follow your intuition; that Universe direction which will always reveal the how to you… the perfect time.