Want to know the quickest way to make any change in your life?

We all have things in our life and about ourselves that we would like to change.

Whether it is to lose weight, allow more abundance, re-invigorate our relationship or just have more patience with our family -(especially being school holidays!)

These are all wonderful things and most often we start off our day saying, “This time I am going to do it differently” proclaiming, “I will have more patience and be more loving today!”

Usually what then happens is situations arise that seem to need more love and patience than any other day.


"Holding Your Vision is a safe place where I can dream without fear, receive spiritual support and take actions toward my goals. The Tools are invaluable to me. The Universe Box is so effective in relieving worry and allows me to simply focus on the positive. I have realized the most important vision of my life, recently giving birth to my daughter. 
I am abundantly grateful to Julie-Anne for creating this inspiring community
Thank you, thank you, thank you."


"Inspiring, empowering and uplifting... That is the Holding Your Vision website in a nutshell. We all know that there is power in numbers- well, this website gives me the vehicle to plug into that power from those numbers! It is so amazing to have a place where I can articulate my inspiration, put it out into the Universe AND have an overflow of supportive energy ushering it into manifestation! And I get to return the gift! How cool is that? I am so grateful to be connected with this incredible resource!  Thank you Julie-Anne and thank you to everyone helping my visions to come into fruition and trusting me with yours...Continued Blessings!"


"At Holding Your Vision I now have one place to keep my Action Steps organized and a step-by-step guide of what to do next. It's so exciting to look back and see how taking small steps each week, over time, has made such a difference. I can actually see progress in the areas I want to grow and change."


"Finally a place where I can share my hearts desires and have other inspiring people help me manifest my dreams.  This is such a breath of fresh air from other community/social sites where we are able to fulfill our spiritual needs instead of our egos.  I am a busy working mom of 2 beautiful girls and love that I have one place to go to keep me on track with my visions and have the support of other like minded individuals."


“In the past, I have not know where to turn when I found myself “stuck” in life.  Being a part of the Holding Your Vision community has been such an incredible experience and source of information and inspiration for me.  The action steps and supportive environment have given me just the kick in the pants I needed to keep moving towards my dreams”.


Who Are We Not To Love Ourselves?

We are born, we are these tiny little babies, we are excited to be here. We have no question of are we enough, “Am I a cute enough baby?” or “Are my thighs too chubby?” or “Do I eat too much?” No, we are just thrilled to be here. Then we start to forget who we are...where we came from...how we got here. We start to criticize ourselves, take other’s negativity as true and internalize their “helpful comments of how we could change” as fact.


If life feels like a struggle and a battle today.
Look inwards.
Cease fighting.
Choose faith over fear.
Be in the flow. Accept.
And do the best that you can to embrace the ease that is always right there waiting for you.


In emotional instances, waiting to respond can gives us clarity.
The saying, "Restraint of pen and tongue" is an oldie and a goody.
Today texting and emailing could be included too.
So pause today and consider our trigger or our part before responding.
And choose love.
Would you rather be right or happy?