I have always believed that if you have a dream it can come true. Why else is it in you? I don’t believe in a Universe that says, “Oh that’s your dream?... Sorry- not going to happen.”

I think that it is WE who say no to ourselves, not The Universe.

The “Holding Your Vision” concept was inspired by Florence Scovel Shinn (Flossie) and her book "The Game Of Life And How To Play It."

Her spiritual principles have helped me overcome so many things, from an eating disorder, to not knowing what I wanted to be when I grew up, my lack mentality, to the self- hatred and negative thinking that used to consume me. The tools, actions, and principles you find here, have helped return me to self-love, abundance, positivity and to create a purpose filled life, that I truly love.

They really do work if you work them . . . and I am  so grateful I get to remind myself and others daily, that we are Spiritual Beings having a human experience.

Over the years clients and friends have asked me to hold all sorts of visions for them- from attracting their life partner, to starting their own business, to becoming financially abundant. Holding a vision for them meant my believing in them and seeing them as whole, complete and pure love. I would see and affirm their dream as having already come true, under grace, in the perfect way, and would give thanks that The Universe’s plan had unfolded so easily. And I believe, that this added support of positive energy really helped.

One evening, the thought literally popped into my head,
“What if you could have many people Holding Your Vision for you? How great would that be? How beneficial would it be to have the positive energy of multiple people behind your dream. Wow! Together, we could not only help each others’ dreams come true, but we could help our world with this output of positive energy. We could collectively hold a vision for healing in our community, our country, and around the world!  Now that would be cool.”  
And the Holding Your Vision idea was born.

For me, the thrill of this website is not only helping to make dreams come true, but giving us a way to tangibly practice spiritual principles. I know I really need support and reminders (yes I forget) to keep spiritually fit and in alignment daily. As being a mum of two, with a puppy and running a business, fitting it all in can feel . . .  overwhelming.

This is where Holding Your Vision is so helpful: 

  • Get back to feeling good by having a place to actively apply spiritual principles, create dreams, keep aligned and remove resistance in streamlined way.
  • Be of service with like-minded peeps and sharing positive energy helping to manifest each others’ dreams. 
  • Have accountability, receive vital support and continue to learn and be inspired.
  • Tools to privately store your Gratitude Lists, Affirmations, Forgiveness work and Universe box which is so helpful in helping to let go!
  • As this website is mobile responsive adding it to your home screen makes your spiritual work and visions always available and at your fingertips!

I am so grateful this website idea came through me, so that we can believe in you and help manifest your visions.
And have a way to work together to expand love and permeate positive energy out into our world.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  

And thank you to everybody who believed in me and helped to bring this idea into creation.

With Love,

Julie-Anne Lee Kinney
(Holding Your Vision Founder and Life Coach CEC)