Dear Universe,

We call forth your divine inspiration for all of the members of Holding Your Vision.
We call forth belief in ourselves and in our dreams coming true.
We ask to be released from our fears, be honest with ourselves and to remember who we truly are.
We ask to be shown how we can best be of service, be conduits of love in our world and become what we must to manifest our visions.
We surrender all visions posted here to your will.
We call forth the fulfillment of our visions either as written or as something greater, unfolding under grace, in the perfect ways that are beneficial for all.  
We ask only for what is ours by Divine Right. Please direct our thinking and reveal to us any actions we are to take.
We give thanks for all the gifts, joy and direction that you give us and for our visions manifesting now, so quickly.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!