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How It Works

Describe Your Vision

Invite The Universe to inspire your visions!


Ask The Universe to inspire your visions. Then follow our guided steps to outline and share your dream with our community.

Take One Action Daily

Spiritual alignment and removing resistance is key!


Choose one action a day to keep you moving forward, feeling good and removing any blocks or resistance to allowing your dreams.

Hold Other’s Visions and Manifest Your Dreams!

Give support and energetically help fellow members and your own visions to manifest.


We work together by believing in one another and seeing each other's vision as having already come true.  As we are all one, the more positive energy placed on a vision the more pull it has to the physical world.

"These tools have changed my life in incredible ways. Through Daily Affirmations and Gratitude Lists I now have a home, an investment property, the partner of my dreams and a beautiful baby boy. Through this work, I was able to get clear on what I wanted and embrace the practices to allow everything to come to me easily and effortlessly in perfect ways."  
Kimbo, CA

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LIVE the life of your dreams

Whether your dream is for your career, business, finances, health, relationships, personal growth, family, town, country or our world, together we will hold it and see it as done.

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